LAAB MAGAZINE #4: This Was Your Life! Digital Edition

The second issue of Ronald Wimberly's annual art tabloid on identity and visual culture,

LAAB MAGAZINE. LAAB #4: THIS WAS YOUR LIFE! concerns themes of death and environmental devastation, horror, hauntology, necropolitics, and the anthropocene. We ask what it means to die, and what it means to live -- and what might have to die for a future to be born.

Features an interview with Sandy & John Carpenter, essays by Sarah Jaffe, Kim Jooha, and Elizabeth Young, and much more! Contributing artists include Ben Passmore, Emily Carroll, Richie Pope, Sloane Leong, Hellen Jo, Freddy Carrasco, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Michael Horse, Nishat Akhtar, Gymah Gariba, Tanna Tucker, and Josiah Files.

DRM-free PDF, 48 pages.


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