For this unprecedented illustrated edition of PINOCCHIO, Beehive Books has teamed up with two of our favorite authors, Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) and Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events). Together, they've devised a completely new way to read Carlo Collodi's novel.

This edition includes not only a suite of over fifty exquisite original illustrations from Mike Mignola, breathing a gorgeous new life to the charm, gloom, and chaos of this classic…it also includes a full text annotation by Lemony Snicket, who takes the reader along with him for his own first experience of the text. The annotations are presented on typewritten sheets, inserted by Snicket as his confrontation with Carlo Collodi's text drives him slowly mad. 

Across over one hundred annotations, a parallel story of a writer’s journey through this great Italian fable unfolds. Snicket isn’t here to explain PINOCCHIO, or to give you historical context – he is encountering the text alongside you, speaking with it in the lyrical, hilarious, and poignantly insightful voice that makes him one of one of the great storytellers of our age.

The book comes in three editions, which are pictured and outlined below. 

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The standard edition is an oversize 9x12" hardcover, bound in sewn signatures, housed in an elaborately embossed & debossed die-cut slipcase, silk-screened and foil-stamped with artwork.

The interior is printed on creamy, acid-free heavy-weight uncoated paper, and each edition includes more than fifty illustrations, as well as thirty six slipped-in typerwritten sheets detailing Lemony Snicket's annotations of the book.


This cloth-wrapped slipcase volume of features a foiled printing on the page edges and a bound-in silk marker ribbon. It arrives with a foil-blocked fine art print exclusive to the PINOCCHIO special editions and a 1.25" die-struck enamel PINOCCHIO pin. Also includes DRM-free digital editions of every title in the Illuminated Editions line in perpetuity.


A limited edition cloth-wrapped slipcase volume, numbered in an edition of three hundred and signed by Mike Mignola and Lemony Snicket. Includes a foil-blocked print and an enamel pin. Also includes DRM-free digital editions of EVERY title in the Illuminated Editions line in perpetuity.


The PUPPETMASTER EDITION is housed in a cloth clamshell case with a removable foil-blocked fine art print mounted on a clothbound framing matte inside. Arrives with all elements of the MARIONETTE EDITION, including the cloth-wrapped slipcase, a die-struck enamel Pinocchio pin, and unlimited ongoing access to all digital editions in this series


A sketch edition of PINOCCHIO, limited to twenty six copies, signed and lettered A-Z by Mike Mignola and Lemony Snicket, housed in a silkscreened cloth clamshell housing with a 5x8" original drawing mounted inside.

Owners of these exclusive editions will also receive a foil print, an enamel pin, a printed credit in the book, and unlimited ongoing access to all digital editions of each book in this series.

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