LAAB MAGAZINE #0: Dark Matter

The debut issue of Ronald Wimberly's annual art tabloid on identity and visual culture, LAAB MAGAZINE. LAAB #0: DARK MATTER features a wide variety of comics, articles, illustrations, interviews and artworks exploding the lethal tropes of black representation in science fiction and popular mythology. LAAB is an ongoing concern, with new editions published on an irregular periodical schedule.

21" x 16. 40 pages. Standard edition now out of print and only available as signed and digital editions.

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"Its immersive scale, punchy color, and bold graphics make it a potent example of the impact that printed matter can have." -The New Yorker

"As an aesthetic and commercial object, LAAB is one of the most conceptually intriguing and idiosyncratic comic publications of [2018]."
-The Comics Journal

"I am blown away." -Neil Gaiman

"The most mind-boggling comics artifact since the early issues of Acme Novelty Library." -Jeet Heer (The New Republic)

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Watch the video