I Will Live Forever is a collection of six all-new short stories by Maëlle Doliveux linked thematically and structurally by the concepts of mortality, rebirth, memory, and the interconnectedness of all things. These comics are entirely original not only in concept but in execution: they’re made out of cut paper.

Using layers upon layers of colored paper, Maëlle creates artworks that resemble relief sculptures in their dimensionality. She then uses carefully designed lighting and inventive photography to bring her charming and astonishing images to life, the picture plane bursting into three dimensional space.

The exterior covers of this book will be intricately die cut in several layers, with coptic binding revealing the stitching along the spine. Each book will come in a custom designed mailer box. 9" x 12", 160 pages.

Estimated to ship in 2024.


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Watch the video